The only specialty meat store from Rayne to Crowley!

Along with fresh and smoked sausage, boudin, cracklins, and more!

What we got at Nonc Kev’s Specialty Meats

We have the best Cajun food from Rayne to Crowley and a deli with the best hot food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Are you looking for Cajun meats? Then make a pass to Nonc Kev’s Specialty Meats! We’re a Rayne and Crowley, Louisiana favorite serving all of Acadiana. We’re just off I-10 at the Rayne exit. We serve delicious Cajun food, specialty meats, along with fresh and smoked sausage, and more! And talk about we got some good boudin and cracklins yea! We even have a drive thru to make your trip faster!

We’ve got the meats you’ll love to cook!

Nonc Kev’s Specialty Meats has a gourmet meat case filled with everything you need. We’ll empower your Cajun cooking with our sweet and savory meats. All of our meats are smoked by us! We have:

  • Marinated rib-eye steaks
  • Stuffed chickens
  • Stuffed pork chops
  • Smoked sausages 
  • Homemade chicken and hamburger patties
  • Pork and chicken tasso
  • Cajun Jack Pepper Jelly
  • Homemade beef jerky and pork skins


Nonc Kev’s Specialty Meats offers party platters for any occasion. Your friends will have a great time chowing down on our delicious deli items. We’ll give you the ingredients you need to pass a good time!

Call 337-393-2750 to learn more about our tasty meats and amazing lunch menu. We look forward to serving you something delicious!

  • Nonc Kev's Specialty Meats

    1421 The Boulevard
    Rayne, LA 70578


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    Closed : Thanksgiving and Christmas Day
    Phone: (337) 393-2750

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